A Tip to Making More Powerful Connections: throw away that outdated elevator pitch

This blog is inspired by the amazing Lisa Nichols, one of my many free virtual life coaches, (i.e. I’m a subscriber of many life coaching YouTube channels including hers). As I listened to one of her most recent speaking engagements at MindValley, on “The Secret to More Powerful Connections”, I could not help but feel obligated to share this content with others. It’s by far a different and more effective approach to the “elevator pitch”. It’s an approach that will primarily rely on your “why”. So if you know your “why” and are already driven by your why, then you’ll get a glimpse into how to efficiently use it in drawing connections and receiving more yes’s. And if you don’t quite know what your why is, then this will hopefully help you to think about why you are doing what you are doing. 

As a post graduate of business school the elevator pitch was always overly emphasized all throughout my 7 years of college. Rather we were trying to pitch ourselves, an idea, or product, we were basically given the tools and instructed through various techniques to pitch ourselves in less than 30 or 60 seconds. In those limited but crucial seconds, it was all about figuring out how to speak about ourselves in the upmost convincing, exhilarating, and this is what I can do for you manner, in terms of leaving an undeniable impression on your targeted audience, that pushed them to say yes. For the most part we have all been trained to speak highly of ourselves in efforts to get what we want. And to be honest in a world of ‘what have you done for me lately’ people, I don’t know how we ever though that talking about ourselves was going to move people in the direction we wanted them to go.

To be quite frank, we live in a world of a bunch of problems, and rather than thinking about what have you done for someone lately, lets shift our thinking to how can we become highly efficient in problem solving. I strongly believe that all of our purposes here on Earth, is to align ourselves with serving the universe and others. Just think about that for a second, if you ask anyone why they are doing what they are doing, I can bet that their deeper reason is for someone other than themselves. If you don’t believe me, try it.

In changing your pitch to be more equipped with your why, you’ll need to change your language, as Lisa refers to it. So by changing your language, in the beginning of your pitch you should focus on the results that your amazing service or product produces and then conclude with asking a question that makes your audience lean in. To give you an idea of what that may sound like, as a real estate investor, I’ll give you my original pitch to a homeowner/seller and then give you my new and improved pitch using the new language technique.

  • Original Pitch: I am currently looking to purchase a house in [property zip code]. I can assure you that I will pay fair market value on your home, give you a cash offer, handle all closing fees, and get your home sold as quickly as you desire. So tell me what’s your bottom line number to get the deal done, if I pay cash, settle quickly and buy your property as is?
  • New Pitch: As a result of being able to make a cash offer, settle quickly, and purchase properties as is, I am able to provide homeowners who’s properties are on the county’s tax delinquent sales list, with an option other than losing their home to foreclosure. As a result of what I do, I not only provide you with the ability to walk away from your pre-foreclosed home debt free, without owing any money on your mortgagee, but you’ll also walk away with a cash profit. My clients walk away satisfied feeling relived and happy with their results. I’m looking to give you the exact same option; so how would you like to walk away as my next satisfied client?

Can you see how much of a difference in changing my language made me seem more authentic and genuine? In reading/hearing my improved pitch, you should’t have to question why I am doing what I am doing. I am presenting to my homeowner client a solution to their problem, while simultaneously expressing that I’m in the business of real estate investing to empower similar distressed homeowners, in presenting them with the best option of selling.

I’m challenging you to check-out the video below and give it a try.

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