About Us

In 2015, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University graduates, Torrence Reed and Jamerus Payton, created an Instagram page to in efforts to highlight the business accomplishments and success stories of people who graduated from HBCUs. The purpose was to use these stories to inspire the next generation of HBCU graduates, leaders, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

Additionally, they wanted to address the financial and economic inequalities in America, particularly those affecting the black community. Money is something that is often not discussed in many black households, whether due to guilt, lack of knowledge, poor money experiences, and/or time so they created a platform to at least start conversations that would contribute to the mental paradigm shift amongst HBCU stakeholders. Reports state that HBCU’s are credited with creating the American Black middle class by producing 40% of African-American members of Congress, 40% of engineers, 50% of professors at PWIs, 50% of lawyers, and 80% of judges….imagine if there were a place that educated about the importance of financial literacy, investing and entrepreneurship and provide opportunities….that’s why we exist. We preach “get a degree and then create opportunities for self, others and your community.” Real Issues, Real Actions, Real Results!

Since HBCU Wall Street’s modest beginning of being an Instagram page and a GroupMe, they have successfully grown the brand into respectable, award winning national tech company using digital content, webinars, campus tours & workshops and podcast.