Ballin’ Backwards: Webinar


Too many times we as a community focus on having the luxury car, big house, high fashion clothing once we get our first big check or big break. However, we forget the things that really matter such as having great credit, 3-6 months of emergency money saved, diversified income, buying power and creating a legacy. The major problem in our community is we don’t have the proper education in our own homes or in the educational system. Because of this lack of education we begin to obtain liabilities before we focus on asset and wealth building. The purpose of this workshop is to stop the ignorance right in its tracks and create a strategy you WON’T want to continue living with you.


Credit: Learn the tips that helped my clients start from scratch or create increase in their credit score anywhere from 50-400 points

Budgeting: Apply the principles to help you save $100-$300 of your current budget

Debt: Learn a simple strategy combo that will help you release thousands of debt in 5-10 years