Blockchain is like a group text message

Blockchain tip – when explaining start with the basics. By basics I don’t mean the basics of #blockchain I mean the basics of things people understand. Particularly for executives. Many of them still haven’t conquered that fandangled invention called #email and/or #TheFaceBooks. Technology is scary to a lot of decision makers, because it makes them vulnerable. Vulnerable is a feeling. How many folks in the #csuite have you ever even heard of admitting they’re #vulnerable?

So! When explaining blockchain to executives use analogies that they can grasp (much like explaining things to a toddler) and make them feel confident and smile. Cause a confused exec is like a confused 3 year old. They’re either gonna start screaming out of frustration or completely ignore what you just told them and do whatever the hell they feel like.

So how is blockchain like a group text message you ask? Lets break it down:

  • Blockchain = Group Text Message
  • Distributed ✅
  • Ledger ✅
  • Immutable ✅
  • Public (more or less cause you don’t know 1/2 the people in them most the time) ✅

Group text messages simply share data on a distributed, immutable, ledger. What makes it distributed? The messages/data are on everyone’s phone. What makes it immutable? Just because you delete it off of your phone, the record still exist on everyone elses. Is it a ledger? Yes. Simply scroll up or down and you can see the ledger of records (data). Tada! Now you “get” what blockchain is. An distributed, immutable, ledger of data.

Now I know you’re asking, “Well how does blockchain really work?”. Good question. I’ll counter with, “Does it matter?” I’ve no clue how a plane works and I fly about twice a month. Well thats not entirely true, I do know how to put my seat in the up-right position and where the best bathrooms are in airports around the world. Does that make me an expert at flying? Damn right it does. I also don’t know how my cell phone, wifi, email or actually how the light switch on the wall works or my microwave. But I nonetheless consider myself an expert at them. Yes, I’m a microwave expert. Just test my popcorn game. The point is, to be a user and an expert user of the technology you don’t need to know how it works. Most of you drove to work today but have you ever changed your car’s oil or given it a tune up? With emerging technology you have two options:

  • Become an expert on how to build, maintain, and implement it
  • Become so familiar with how to use it in your business and comfortable with it, that you’d never refer to yourself as a “Microwave”, “Wifi” or “iPhone” expert

Now before you techies get your tech panties in a bunch, remember executives only need to understand enough to make a strategic decision. Not how to build their own tech thingamagiggy. They’re Santa Claus, not an elf. Too, do you really want them to understand how you make the magic you make happen? Or have them go be the customer facing side of your business?

There you have it. Blockchain for Executives. #BlockchainIsLikeAGroupTextMessage. Share if you like it. Comment if you love it! And thanks for following me and recommending this article to a friend. Or if you think it sucks, send it to an enemy. Cheers!


My name is Samson. I’m a human and an anthropologist at Axes and Eggs, a Washington, DC based think tank who provides local blockchain trainings globally. If you or your executive team have questions on the future of decentralization and blockchain, drop me an email today to schedule a seminar .

In the meantime, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Instagram @HustleFundBaby or connect with me on LinkedIn. Finally, I would say thoughts are my own but I probably stole them from a woman. Just ask my mama, I’ve been stealing her brilliance since before we even met. 

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