Co-Founders Featured in American Banker Story About Involvement in the FinTech Industry

Grambling, Louisiana, June 27, 2018- Financial Technology, better known as ‘FinTech’ is a rapidly growing area for venture capitalists. FinTech is the use of technology applied anywhere within the financial services field. FinTech also helps companies manage the financial applications and software for their business in a more efficiently way. Mary Wisniewski, of the American Banker, wrote an article that raised an interesting question, “Are black millennials a blind spot for fintech firms?” This article spoke on how Fintech can be beneficial to black millennials, Kobe Bryant’s new launch of a venture capital tech fund, along with Derrius Quarles who is the founder of the new personal finance platform ‘Breaux Capital’.

Wisniewski touched on the topic of bank skepticism amongst the black community and the history of why African Americans are wary of banks. Wisniewski highlighted how the multi-talented entertainer Beyonce Knowles, Rapper Killer Mike, and many black owned business’ are vitalizing the potential for African Americans to build wealth within the black community. Amongst these great names, HBCU Wall Street was credited for providing African Americans with the knowledge and materials needed to obtain financial freedom through an outreach involving FinTech.

HBCU Wall Street’s mission is to increase financial literacy and economic opportunities in the black community, starting with Historically Black College Universities. HBCU Wall Street was founded by two HBCU graduates, Jamerus Payton and Torrence Reed. Both gentlemen are graduates of the North Carolina A&T State University. Payton stated in Wisniewski’s article that him and Reed, “Wanted to make sure that we homed in on the world we knew and understood.” HBCU Wall Street got its start on Instagram as a page aimed towards promoting money management within the black community. Now HBCU Wall Street has made a name for itself with approximately 42,500 followers across its social media platforms, 2.2 Million Dollars worth of life insurance policies documented, and a very supportive community of people who attend their financial literacy events. Financial Technology is a rapidly growing field that can be beneficial to every race and demographic.

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About HBCU Wall Street:

HBCU Wall Street is the solution for increasing financial literacy and economic opportunities within the Black Community, starting with our nation’s Historically Black College Universities.

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