HBCU Realty Co-Founder speaks at the BYOBRetreat about social investing

Washington D.C., May 29, 2018- Real business gurus know the importance of branding. Branding is one of the key components that will allow your company, product, or service to stand out from all of the others. This past Memorial Day weekend the ‘Build Your Own Brand Retreat’(#BYOBRetreat) took place in Washington, DC. This two day event brought together over 1000 plus founders, leaders, creatives, mentors, brands, athletes, and entrepreneurs all into one setting. The focal point of the retreat was to provide the attendees with an environment that allowed them to grow their networks, clarify goals, and develop themselves personally and professionally.

In attendance of this event was, Torrence Reed! Reed is a graduate of The North Carolina A&T State University- Co-Founder of the Internet Company ‘HBCU Wall Street’ and ‘HBCURealty’ he is also the Chief Technology Officer of ‘NoirBnB’- The Future of Black Travel. Reed said that, “The BYOB Retreat was not only an amazing professional experience, but an amazing personal experience as well. I did a lot of networking for our various brands and look forward to working with some of the other professionals and influencers that I met this weekend. Being around people who do what they love everyday and live in their purpose is always a good time for me. I am definitely looking forward to 2019!”

Attendees of the ‘Build Your Own Brand Retreat’ participated in an array of workshops, attended a Garden Soirée, and concluded the retreat with an Afterparty.

To learn more about HBCU Wall Street, visit http://www.hbcuwallstreet.com

About HBCU Wall Street:

HBCU Wall Street is the solution for increasing financial literacy and economic opportunities within the Black Community, starting with our nation’s Historically Black College Universities.