Mastering the 7 Streams of Income Summit

Learn how to increase your income by mastering the seven streams

About this Event

One thing that 2020 has taught us is that we need more than one stream of income. Have you heard that the average millionaire has seven streams of income?

This summit is for you if you have wondered—

  • What are the 7 Streams of Income?
  • How to increase your income by adding additional streams…
  • … without adding more to your plate?

6 experts over 3 days will teach you strategies you can use to both increase your current streams of income and create additional streams.

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Hey! I’m Courtney Richardson, a practicing attorney, former stockbroker and investment advisor and Founder of The Ivy Investor. I created this summit to help you increase your income so you can decrease your stress and live your best life.


The Mastering the Seven Streams of Income Summit will run from Monday, August 17, 2020- Wednesday, August 20, 2020 with two speakers per day starting at 8 pm EST/ 7 pm CST.


The Summit is completely online.


Presentations will be 45-55 minutes in length. The presentations will be available for unlimited replay within 48 hours of the end of the summit.


We’re not here to add to your plate. Our goal isn’t to throw a pile of new strategies and tasks at you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and like there’s no way you can achieve multiple streams of income. Instead, we’re here to explain each of the 7 Streams and walk you through strategies to achieve them that are simple, efficient, and profitable.

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