Black Millennial Breaks Ground on 1st AI-Smart Tech Building in Philly

35 year old black millennial entrepreneur, Philip Michael, just broke ground on the first AI-Smart Tech building in Philly! Expected to open late Fall of 2020, this project has a valuation of $10M. Philip Michael achieved success in real estate after he figured out how to turn $500 into $1M. Philip now has over $85M in management with his real estate portfolio. This inspiring tech and real estate entrepreneur teaches other urban entrepreneurs and millennials how to level up and build wealth in his best selling book, Real Estate Wealth Hacking: How to 10x Your New Worth in 18 Months! Philip Michael plans to democratize access to wealth for millennials of color, through real estate co-ownership, in the near future.

IG – @yfwtb 

Twitter – @Philip_Michael
#BlackHistory being made

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