Blavity and Mountain Dew Host Beyond The Yard

For many of us, the continent of Africa is a place we think about in a fantastical, almost intangible way. The fact of the matter is, Africa is very real and waiting for you. Whether it be the mountain views of South Africa, the vibrant culture of Nigeria, or the beauty and history of Ghana, the continent is rapidly becoming a place many westerners are beginning to call home.


One of the major issues on the continent, for people living there and those looking to build a home or invest in real estate there has been dealing with unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of the unsuspecting.


That is why SeSo Global was created and why we’ve decided to partner with them.


SeSo Global is a startup that operates in South Africa, Nigeria, & Ghana with the express purpose of taking the stress and worry out of the real estate process on the continent. Whether it be connect with reputable developers, trustworthy lawyers, dependable real estate agents, and the other various key players in the process, SeSo has curated a database of people who can help you find or build your next home.


On Saturday November 14th 2020 at 12pm ET, we will be holding a live webinar to showcase some of SeSo’s properties in West Africa as well as expanding on the home-buying and investing process.


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